Monday, January 19, 2015

Unit 1 Prompt

In this unit, you're being introduced to some of the literature concerning today's students - who people think they are, what characteristics, they have, etc. Does any of what you read sound like your students?  Next week, you'll exposed to some the research regarding generational differences. 

For your blog entry this week, I'd like you to reflect on the videos in the Unit 1 folder as well as the Prensky reading and the articles on Generation Edge. How have each of these described YOUR students? What have each of the articles and videos shown/said that doesn't describe your students at all? Are there any characteristics, traits or behaviors of your students that none of these authors have even mentioned? Basically, how do your students compare to what these authors have to say?

[Before you ask, "Wait, what do I need to write about?" read the last few paragraphs again.  Watch the videos, read the Prensky article, and read the two Generation Edge articles.  Then, collect your thoughts on all of the readings, and use most/all of the above questions to guide your writing.  Be thorough, but not robotic when crafting your post based on the above questions.]

Your own response to this prompt should be posted by midnight on Sunday, January 25th.  You may comment on each others' posts this week, too.  However, I will have additional directions for Week 3 where you will need to respond to specific points to specific people (i.e., I will put you in groups).

As this is your first reflective blogging assignment, please look at the assignment description in Blackboard [Course Information section] to see what constitutes quality reflection and discussion.  Early on, I will be active in commenting; however, good online pedagogy states that instructor involvement should wane over time to prevent the instructor from being a crutch in maintaining good discussion (Mazzolini & Maddison, 2007).

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Introductory Post

For the first post, similar to many online classes (only we're doing it on a blog versus a discussion board), spend a little time introducing yourself (employment, hobbies, family, why you're in this class, etc.).  I would also like you to make at least one comment on someone else's blog, if for no other reason to say hello.  The purpose of this, aside from getting to know one another, is to get used to navigating in Blogger.  You must be able to create AND publish a blog post (as opposed to saving a draft), as well as be able to moderate comments.  This is good practice in a classroom setting (i.e., having students learn how to set their blog so that they must moderate comments to their blog BEFORE they become public to prevent embarrassment, bullying, and the like).

Finally, while you are not required to do this, I highly recommend that you learn how to set up a blogroll on the side of your blog (see my classroom blog,, as well as this blog, as an example).  Since you will be commenting on each other's posts throughout the semester, you will want a quick way to view what other people have said instead of hunting down their URL and typing them in by hand.  As with many of the tools we will use this semester, a little front-end time will go a long way in making your life easier later on.

Your post and comment, which are part of your reflective blogging grade, should be completed by 11:59 pm on Sunday, January 18th.

PLEASE NOTE:  Do not respond to this post, unless you have a question.  You are to complete this assignment on your own blog.

Also, please watch this video to make sure you have the correct settings for allowing comments.